25 Novices in India

??????????The weather was cool and pleasant…fresh green leaves and colours everywhere…the day dawned bright with clear skies.

At 10.30 the bells chimed the opening of the ceremony. As their names were called…the postulants responded…in loud, clear voices and came forward to take their places in the front benches of the beautifully decorated chapel. The reflection on the reading from Jn 15/1 – 17 was shared by Sr. Lorraine Marie…who focussed on three impt aspects of the reading : the ABIDING; the LOVING; the CHOOSING.

??????????A significant aspect of the ceremony was the pouring of oil into each one’s bowl and the lighting of the wick to remind them that they are light today and for the future….a light for the nations. At the close of the ceremony each was given a blank sheet of paper…around which they offered a prayer.

After the very well planned ceremony….each Provincial/councillor gently led the young novices of her respective province forward and handed them over to the Novice Directresses.

??????????The ceremony was followed by greeting and felicitations in the dining room.
It was truly a morning to treasure!! We ask you to hold these 25 novices in prayer…together with the 17 of the second years (in Kamptee).

Congratulations Sisters!!!??????????

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