25 New Novices

??????????INDIA – Our Sisters in India welcomed 25 new novices earlier this summer. We hold these women and all the sisters in India in prayer in this privileged time. Read more….

Serving Refugees at the Border

EL PASO – Sisters of St. Joseph from several congregations gathered at the US-Mexico border to assist children and families fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries. Sister Sandy Straub (Saint Louis) offers reflections on her experience there. Read more….

Channeling Stillness

LOCHINVAR, AU – Michael O’Connor writes about the Living Waters Christian Meditation Centre, founded by Sister Carmel Moore of the Sisters of Saint Joseph Lochinvar as the home of the universal meditation community in Newcastle, where one can learn to find stillness and simplicity in a world of chaos and complexity. Read more….

Call To Action’s 2014 Leadership Award

MEMPHIS, TN – Sr. Elizabeth Johnson Accepts Invitation to Receive Call To Action’s 2014 Leadership Award. Johnson’s thoughtful approach encourages new and engaging ways to think about God, spirituality and the interconnectedness of all things.  Like Mary Magdalene, Sr. Elizabeth offers great news of transformation to the church you and I love. Read more….

Beekeeping and Eco-projects

BADEN, PA – Sister Lyn Szymkiewicz, director of grounds and eco-projects, takes care of beehives on the grounds of the Sister of St. Joseph of Baden. She uses honey from the bees to make soap, candy and other products that are sold in the motherhouse gift shop. Read more…

Chinese Sisters of St. Joseph

BEIJING – The need to assimilate the teachings of the Second Vatican Council on Consecrated Life is moving many congregations around the world to help religious communities in China. This includes courses in spirituality and Bible reading in Jiangsu, as well as assistance in drafting the first charters of the Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph in Beijing, which was founded in 1872. Read more….


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