On Mission

NEW YORK – The Nov. 8 issue of NCR is going to have a thematic book review of Occupy.  There are 3 Occupy books related to spirituality and religion that have recently been published.
One, is Occupy Religion, Theology of the Multitude which Sr. Susan Wilcox wrote the review.  There is also Mathew Fox’s Occupy Spirituality and Thank You Anarchy, Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse by Nathan Schneider. In the last book, Thank You Anarchy, Sr Susan Wilcox, CSJ is mentioned a number of times. The Susan’s work and occupy spirituality is also mentioned in Religious Life at the Crossroads by Sr. Amy Hereford.

Rowing with the Dear Neighbor

HOLYOKE MA – Sr. Jeanne Branchaud is featured in a video news segment. Connecting the dear neighbor on the waters of the Connecticut River.


PHILADELPHIA – Sr. Michele Lesher is featured in this film about faith and hope, love and death, seen through the eyes of five women who have committed their lives to the service of others in the deepest way. Without narration, their stories are told in the honest words and actions of the women themselves. It’s about one hour – Enjoy!

Sisters from Robert Gardner on Vimeo.

Encuentro de la Comisión dela Red

MEXICO – Construyamos juntas el tejido de una Red de Comunión, fuerte, solidaria y sostenida
Esta vez la Comisión de la Red de Hermanas de San José de América Latina y Caribe se reunió en México, del 5 al 8 de setiembre. Leia mais…

150 Years of Education

St. Joseph’s Catholic Elementary School in Toronto celebrated a major milestone the weekend of October 18 and 19, 2013. Established in 1863, the school celebrated its 150th anniversary. Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto taught at the school for many years. Read more….

Novices Settle In

CHICAGO – “Have for God an expansive love which includes all that love is capable of and all that a heart can love in God and for God.” With these words of Jean Pierre Medaille, the founder of the Sisters of St Joseph, before them, four women began their eight month journey at the US Federation Novitiate in Chicago, Illinois. Read more….

Rowing with the Dear Neighbor

ALBANY NY – Billboard magazine names the College of Saint Rose, Albany, N.Y., as having one of the nation’s top music business programs. Sister Mary Anne Nelson has directed the program since its inception as a major in 1981. Read more…


2 thoughts on “On Mission

  1. What a wonderful newsletter!
    I read with interest about the current novitiate in Chicago and prayed for its success. I absolutely loved the rowing video on the Connecticut river near Holyoke, MA
    I am surprised now, that we in Albany haven’t done something similar on the Hudson and the Mohawk rivers which join here at Cohoes and Waterford. Costs are likely prohibitive but What great exercises in community building and working together, to say nothing of improving rowers’ health! I am going to see their website momentraily.

    Thanks for this, and may your Thanksgiving feast others in need!

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