Happy Easter!!!

Sisters of Saint JosephFrom Western Pennsylvania to West Hunan, China: The Sisters of Saint Joseph, Baden, Pennsylvania in Yuanzhou.

You are looking at one of the few enhanced color photographs in the Passionist China Collection. But even more interesting is that the young Chinese girls in the photo appear to be dressed as Native American Indians. Feathers adorn their headbands and they wear print dresses. The children are from Yuanzhou 沅州 (in 1935 renamed Zhijiang 芷江). Read more…

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Who Is Joseph?

ORANGE, CA – Sister of St. Joseph of Orange reflections on Joseph on this short video they produced for the feast of St. Joseph.

Summer Retreats

CONCORDIA – Manna house is spreading the word about retreats that are going to be a time of creativity and contemplation, ways of being that are paths of joy.

The first is a lacemaking retreat–Making Lace for the 21st Century (no experience needed, technique will be taught, but also includes reflection on the weaving of our tradition in the 21st century). This is June 18-25, at Manna House in Concordia, KS.

 The second, Discovering the Divine Artist, is Aug. 3-10. It combines contemplation with music, visual arts, poetry and movement.

 More information is available on our website: www.mannahouse.org. Or I would be happy to send you a brochure if you request one, or have a conversation: 785-243-4428.



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