The Cry of the Excluded

BRASIL – In Brazil, September 7 is marked by celebrations in honor of the “Beloved Country.” Military personnel and students parade through the streets and avenues of all the cities, proclaiming the independence of Brazil in 1822. This historical fact is very important for our country, because it marks the end of the dominion of Portugal, as well as the conquest of our political autonomy. Read more….  Leia mais….

New Website and Retreats

DENMARK – Through the past few months we have been working on our new website, and now, we are online! Until we get a firm understanding of our new system we may not be able to provide you with the information you seek, but it will be posted here over time. Thank you for your patience! Read more…. See also the 2013 Retreat offerings, including meditative dance. Read more….

Forever Sisters….

ST. LOUIS – An open letter to Sister Sarah Heger, CSJ who made final profession on December 8 as a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet in the St. Louis Province in December 2012. Read more….

Calendars Bring Comfort, Hope and Healing to Prisoners

MOTACHICAGO – It began in 2009 when Flo Christiano, the director of the CSJ’s Ministry of the Arts (MOTA), received a request from a prison chaplain inquiring about whether there were any extra of the calendars MOTA sells that could be donated to the inmates. “We had extras, so it was our pleasure to share them,” said Flo. But this simple act of sharing became so much more. It became a ministry. Read more….

God Became A Little Human

AUSTRALIA – The gospels tell us that Jesus was born at a vulnerable time for his family. Luke says they could find only a stable to live in whereas Matthew says they had to flee to safety in Egypt because Herod tried to kill Jesus. Ann Gilroy rsj, reflects on our love and protection of all children at Christmas. A Christmas Prayer….

Seeding our Future

LIMA – Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet under age 57 are gathering in Lima Jan 3-5 for conversation and sharing around their shared vision for the future. They hope to continue to build relationships and to have something to share at the congregational chapter in summer of 2013 to be sure that the voice of younger sisters is heard. Read more….

Sister Appointed to Consecrated Life Committee

WASHINTGON, DC – Sister Amy Hereford, CSJ, attorney canonist, has been appointed to the Institutes of Consecrated and Apostolic Life Committee of the Canon Law Society of America. Sr. Amy says, “this is a time of tremendous change in religious life and I am happy to have the chance to be of service to communities as they face an uncertain and changing future.” Read more….


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