‘There’s nothing else I’d rather be than a Sister of St. Joseph’

NEW YORK — Sister Lynn Caton made her final profession as a Sister of St. Joseph of Brentwood Sept. 8, but her journey toward that day has been an interesting one. Before she realized her call to religious life, Sister Lynn was married and had a son. “I’m absolutely called to be a mother,” she said. “And I’m absolutely called to be a Sister of St. Joseph, and it’s beyond my imagination that I have both.” Read more….

I Want to Go to the Novitiate

PHILADELPHIA – I  want to go to the novitiate,” I stated boldly to my formation director. We both knew these words were coming, but stating my desire forthrightly brought with them a certain fortitude. The words floated with an air of certitude and conviction, unlike the words I had spoken when asking to become a “candidate” with the Sisters of St. Joseph, words I had wished I could put back in my mouth as soon as I spoke them. Now I knew I wanted to enter the novitiate, and I believed Jesus was calling me into a deeper relationship in this time. Read more…

Little Design Communities Website

OTTAWA — The Upper Room House of Prayers would like to invite you to the Little Design Communities website.They hope that you will enjoy a leisurely browse through the pages and if the Spirit prompts you to form your own small community, they would love to be of help to you in any way that we can. Blessings on the journey! Read more….

We Shall Not Be Moved

A new documentary is being released that captures Sisters’ resilience in post-Katrina New Orleans, and the Sisters of St. Joseph are among the congregations featured in the video. Their stories – of struggles facing the storm and the giant obstacles of rebuilding – have been captured in a poignant, compelling documentary – “We Shall Not Be Moved: The Catholic Sisters of New Orleans.”  Click here to visit the film’s website for additional information. Click here to order a copy of the DVD.

A Conversation with Grace

AUSTRALIA – Three Jubilarians from the sisters of St Joseph Lochinvar – Sr Jeannine French, Sr Marie Jones and Sr Tess Connolly – share their stories with Tracy Edstein, who uncovers a surfeit of grace and gratitude. Read more….

Celebrations in East Timor

EAST TIMOR – Wednesday 8 August was celebrated in a special way this year in Dili with the blessing and opening of a new building of Mary MacKillop Institute, the name by which we are known in East Timor. The facilities include a three bedroomed convent for Sisters, classrooms, offices, music suites, toilets, areas for woodworking and other projects. Read more….

20-year journey to Slovak Republic

SLOVAK REPUBLIC – When Sisters Mary Savoie and Margaret Nacke first went to Eastern Europe almost 20 years ago to help sisters who had survived communism, they really didn’t know what to expect. And despite numerous trips over the decades to more than a half dozen countries that had fallen behind the Iron Curtain, their most recent visit to the Slovak Republic took them by surprise as well. Read more….


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