Spirit Flowing

New Website

CONCORDIA – Manna House of Prayer in Concordia has a newly redesigned website with lots of new features to help you find the retreat, workshop or service that best fits your needs. Check it out at http://mannahouse.org/

Religious Life in Transformation

USA – Strange Attractors is a term many of us taking part in the Religious Formation Conference week-end: Transformation of Religious Life in North America learned for the first time thanks to Mary Pellegrino, CSJ in her presentation on Communal Discernment. We were reminded that a community has to be a cultivating self and its members discerning. Discernment brings out of chaos the true relationship with God; for it is God who is relationship that ordered chaos into creation. As Mary finished her presentation she challenged us: How might we by our presence bring order to chaos in our selves, community, Church, the world? Read more….

SSJ Volunteer Corps

ROCHESTER – In the last decade,  more than 150 students from a small private college in Montana have spent their spring breaks volunteering with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester.  This spring Carroll College presented the SSJ Volunteer Corps with one of its most prestigious awards! Read more….

Ministry Opening in Puerto Rico

PUERTO RICO – There is an opening for a High School English Teacher  ( including Eng Lit), beginning 2012 -2013 school year, MA preferred, at Academia Maria Reina, a private Catholic Academy for Girls, grades 7-12 in San Juan , Puerto Rico. The Academy is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood. Contact Sister Judy Burchyns, CSJ for more information amrjcb@yahoo.com.

Community Garden

BADEN – As part of their mission to serve neighbors in need and in commitment to sustainable development, the Sisters of St. Joseph are accepting applicants for their newly expanded community gardens in Baden.

Sisters of St. Joseph Focus on Immigration

CARONDELET – Immigration is a crucial issue to the Sisters of St. Joseph. It stands front and center. Speaking to this issue, S. Anne Tranelli said, “We are a nation built by immigrants. Our nation was built on the shoulders of immigrants; for example, the Erie Canal, the Transcontinental Railroad, the Steel Mills in Pittsburgh, the coal mines of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, etc. It is important to know our own individual immigration story. It will not only help us better understand those who come to our shores looking for a better way of life, but move us to do whatever we can for the well-being of these individuals.” Read more….


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