Working for Justice

Stopping Human Trafficking

INDIANA – The Sisters of St. Joseph and ten other orders of Catholic women religious in Indiana and Michigan Are working against Human Trafficking. They invests in hotel chains to affect social change. The group is collaborating with state and local officials to curb human trafficking during festivities leading up to the February 5 Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Incidents of human trafficking—or modern-day slavery—tend to spike alongside major sporting events like the Olympics, the World Cup and the Super Bowl to meet the high demand for commercial sex.  Read more….

ST. LOUIS – On January 11 St. Louis’ Nix Conference and Meeting Management took a historic step to help end child sex trafficking when they became the first to sign the ECPAT Meeting Planners Code of Conduct (End Child Prostitution and Sex Trafficking). “The Sisters of St. Joseph are the catalysts for where we are today,” says Kimberly Ritter, senior account manager at Nix and coordinator of their child sex trafficking initiative. Read more….

Sisters join forces to strengthen Aboriginal Ministries

AUSTRALIA – A new partnership is being forged between the Sisters of St Joseph, the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, the Sisters of Mercy and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to strengthen their commitment to ministry with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Instigated by the Sisters of St Joseph, this partnership is still in its early stages and may involve other congregations as it develops. Read more….

Food Drive Celebrating Consecrated Life

PITTSBURGH – The Sisters of St. Joseph will honor the past, present and future of consecrated life by hosting a food drive to celebrate World Day of Consecrated Life on Sunday, February 5th, at the Motherhouse, 1020 State Street in Baden. Sisters will be available to accept items between 9 a.m. and noon at the chapel and reception area of the Motherhouse. The Sisters also invite the public to join them for 10 a.m. Mass.

“Our hope for the project is to not only welcome people into our motherhouses as a way of celebrating the gift and call of consecrated life,  but to also provide an opportunity, through the food drive, to welcome people into our mission and ministries, as well,” said Mary Pellegrino, Congregational Moderator for the Sisters of St. Joseph. Read more….

CSJs attend USCCB Immigration Conference

UTAH – The conference addressed state and local immigration issues across the country and methods for opposing enforcement initiatives and supporting comprehensive immigration reform. Six Sisters of St. Joseph from three congregations attended the conference. Read more….

Red de América Latina

PERÜ – El 17 de diciembre se llevo a cabo la reunión de la Red de América Latina y del Caribe vía Skype, estamos en espera de la respuesta del Comité Global San José, para participar en la Cumbre de las Naciones Unidas que se llevará a cabo en Brasil del próximo año. Estamos contentas con la página web de la Red, que está a cargo la Hna. Adeli y estamos agradecidas por la respuesta de las responsables de cada congregación que están enviando las noticias. También, ya se vienen organizando la comisión del Encuentro de las Hermanas Jóvenes de
San José, que se realizará en el 2013. La próxima reunión de la Comisión de la Red se realizara en Curitiba – Brasil los días 18 al 22 de Junio. Para prepararnos a esta reunión nos encontraremos vía Skype en abril, la Hna. Josefa nos convocará. Leer mas….

ISJ de Chambery Fazem Primeira Profissão Religiosa

BRASIL – Com grande alegria respondemos ao chamado que um dia o Senhor nos fez: VEM E SEGUE- ME! E norteadas pela dinâmica de Jesus, amar e servir, celebramos no último dia 07 de janeiro de 2012, nossa Primeira Profissão Religiosa.
Para escutarmos o chamado e andarmos nos passos de Jesus, contamos com a ajuda e presença de pessoas muito especiais que fizeram parte de nossa caminhada vocacional. Ler noticia completa

Occupy Wall Street

NEW YORK – Sister Susan Wilcox, CSJ as part of Occupy Faith NYC participated in the third anniversary of Occupy Wall Street by challenging the most powerful church in NYC, Trinity Wall Street.  Trinity Wall Street, an Episcopal Church is also a billion dollar land owner having been given substantial pre-revolutionary land grants which are owned by the church not the diocese.  Led by Episcopal Bishop George Packard (retired), Sister Susan, three other Episcopal priests and two Catholic priests scaled the wall of Trinity Land Trust property on Canal and 6thAvenue. The Civil Disobedience was after multiple failed diplomatic attempts to convince the Vestry that OWS use of the land was more in line with the Gospel than leaving it vacant.  A total of 49 were arrested by Trinity Wall Street in that action in which having clergy present helps to provide witness to improper procedure.  When asked about the action, Fr. Juan Carlos Ruiz, said, “I just couldn’t let those kids go in alone [to make a statement about corporate greed] and get beat up again.” Read more….
If you are on facebook and wish to be part of the CSSJs and Occupy Together or Occupy Catholic Religious Life contact S. Susan Wilcox at and you will be added to the groups.

Person of the Year 2011

NEW YORK – Sister Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ has been named the 2011 Person of the Year by the National Catholic Reporter. In its choice, the NCR praises her work, her influence as a scholar and theologian and her grace under pressure as she responded to the criticism of her book The Quest for the Living God. It called into question the lack of process by the USCCB in their public criticism of this text without any prior notification to the author or providing any opportunity for honest dialogue about issues with which they disagreed. Read more….

Pre-Congreso Nacional de Nuevas Generaciones de Vida Consagrada

MËXICO Del pasado 19 al 21 de noviembre, las nuevas generaciones de Vida Religiosa nos convocamos para compartir la vida a través de la escucha a Dios en las culturas y realidades que hoy habitan nuestro México y nuestro mundo, contemplamos esta realidad a la luz de la palabra de Dios encarnada en la historia y nos motivamos a seguir aprendiendo a caminar con y como vida religiosa junto con otros y otras culturas y generaciones para así ser signos de vida y esperanza, y así seguir intentando colaborar y avanzar hacia la transformación de una nueva humanidad…. Las nuevas generaciones desde su ser discípulas/os y a la luz de la palabra, se sienten impulsadas a expresar sus clamores desde sus carismas y culturas, a fin de suscitar y proponer nuevos rostros de Vida Religiosa, a partir de la experiencia del encuentro personal con Jesús que es la fuente de mística y profecía para las religiosas y los religiosos que escuchan, disciernen y aprenden a construir una nueva humanidad. Leer más…. y aquí

Lenten Prayer Site

MINNESOTA – Sr. Baya Clare maintains a prayer site and is preparing prayers and reflections for each day of Lent. To access the site, or to help write reflections, go to:

Federation Novices on the Road

CONCORDIA, KS – Two novices from the US Federation Novitiate are traveling to many CSJ sites and congregations. They visited the sisters at Concordia Kansas in January 2012. Their two-week stay with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia is part of their education as novices to understand that the Sisters of St. Joseph extend beyond just their individual congregations. Read more…


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  1. I loved reading this newsletter, every word, its breadth and variety. and including the Srs in Austrealia who do see themselves as sharing in our lives.

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