Learning, Reading, Hoping

TANZANIA – As a former librarian, Sr. Jackie Goodin was aghast when she first went to Tanzania at the lack of textbooks, bookstores, and educational resources for children and adults alike. Typically, students in both government and private schools (except for the most elite) do not have individual textbooks that they can take home each night; nor are there a set of textbooks even for a classroom of 40 students to share. She set to work to connect neighbor with neighbor – in this case, tapping the resources of her CSJ community in the US to supply funds and books. Read more….

Scholarship created in honor of Sr. Adele Lambert

BATON ROUGE, LA – In honor of St. Joseph’s Academy President Sister Adele Lambert, CSJ, who will retire at the end of the 2011-2012 academic year, her family has created the Sister Adele Lambert, CSJ Scholarship. This scholarship will benefit any deserving young woman whose family is in need of financial assistance in order for her to attend the Academy. Read more….

Retreat offered

WICHITA – The Magnificat Center in Wichita, KS is offering: Who is God for you, now? A retreat to be held June 2-8 2012. It is offered for men and women religious under age 65 (no one will be asked for ID!), and  is designed to give the younger members of our religious congregations the opportunity to spend quality time in prayer and meaningful conversations with one another on the topic of:  “Who is God for you, now?” Paula Drass, CSJ and John Quigley OFM will be presenting.  More information….(scroll down for this opportunity.)

Emerging Future Conversation

ONLINE – Do you sense the urgency to commit yourself to the future of religious life as it is emerging today? Do you find yourself longing for community living that energizes you for mission? At the Giving Voice gathering this summer, a group of sisters in their 40s and 50s felt a new energy stirring among them, and expressed a desire to continue the contemplative process and conversation, moving into action. Please pass this on to women in your community who may be interested.

Responding to this desire Giving Voice invites you to participate in a process beginning this Advent and running through Pentecost. “Using the 12 Marks of new faith-based intentional communities to frame our prayer and conversation, every two or three weeks, we will take up one of the twelve marks, taking it to our contemplative practice and listening deeply to our God and to the stirring in our hearts. Then we will gather in circles, face-to-face, on skype or in other creative ways to share what has been happening for us around that mark.” More information….


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