CSSJ News – October 2011

Founder’s Day

Chapelle St MichelThis year we celebrate 361 years from October 15, 1650 when the first six women committed themselves to the Little Design in Le Puy, France. As we think back to that simple, quiet beginning, we see the spirit of the Little Design very much alive and active today, in neighborhoods across the globe where we live, pray and minister, true to the heritage of those first six women.

Among the celebrations planned is an online event which will gather over 70 sisters from five countries to reflect on how the spirit of Le Puy is alive among us today and what it means to be Sisters of St. Joseph living into the heart of the 21st century. The opening prayer will be lead by Mother St. John Fontbonne (played by Sr. Donna Gunn, csj from St. Louis, MO). Sr. María Rubina, csj and Sr. Sally Harper, csj, from Perú will share reflections on how they see the charism alive today. Opportunities for personal reflection and sharing with the online community will round out the event. There is still an opportunity to join. For more information or to register….

Celebration with the Street Children

(Bhubaneswar, India) The Little Design is alive in India where the Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy added a feather in the life of the street children when Bhubaneswar community decided to celebrate this year the Independence Day with the Street Children of Bhubaneswar. It was indeed a great joy for them. This celebration brought a sense of citizenship and celebration of a family festival.

This day called us to think…. Can we precisely respond to the most downtrodden children of our Society? In this modern world which is fascinated by all latest scientific technologies that which shapes and moulds the attitude and behavior of the people, we need to think beyond the COMFORT ZONE, to risk into a mission of being with the most unwanted burdens of the society to live the greatest love. Read more….

Eau, Source de Vie

(Mozambique) Après différents temps de réflexion vint l’idée de construire des citernes pour recueillir l’eau de pluie. Nous avons bâti le projet et l’avons envoyé à différentes entités, amis, bienfaiteurs et entrepreneurs locaux. Ce sont les Sœurs de la Fédération des
Etats-Unis qui ont accueilli le projet et collaborent à sa réalisation. Plus… English: Water, the source of life (p.11) Italiano: Acqua Fonte di Vita (p. 10)

Pembroke Anniversary Celebration

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Pembroke are a group of forty Roman Catholic women religious based in eastern Ontario. We are the smallest of six such groups that together form the Canadian Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph. Pembroke story….

On August 25, 2011 a beautiful Eucharistic celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Pembroke Diocese was celebrated at 11:00 a.m. by our Bishop Michael Mulhall. Following a catered lunch with invited guests, the Sisters went to the cemetery to pay special tribute to our deceased Sisters in a ritual of prayerful remembrance and naming of each of our 143 deceased members which was prepared by Catherine Yantha, csj and Anita McGean, Associate member.


One thought on “CSSJ News – October 2011

  1. Muchas gracias por las noticias que has enviado. Las estoy compartiendo con mi comunidad.
    Es muy enriquecedor saber lo que pasa en el contexto de La Congregación desde una perspectiva internacional. gracias.

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