CSSJ News September 2011

Gathering the Daughters

Gathering the Daughters 2012 will take place April 12 – 15, 2012 at Siena Retreat Center 5635 Erie St. Racine, Wisconsin, 53402. Contact the Initial Formation Committee for more information: Kathy, Mary, Anne, Rita Ann and Bernie. The program gathers those in formation and some newer finally professed sisters.

Sr. Mary Jo Professes Final Vows

In a joy-filled mass on July 30 in the chapel at the LaGrange Park center, Sister Mary Jo Curtsinger made her final commitment as a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph. For more information…

Federation Novitiate

From Kathy McCluskey:
First, let me say a huge thank you for your generous participation in the housewarming for the new Federation Novitiate house in Chicago! Thanks to your donations in dollars, furnishings and assistance in moving and setting up, the house is nearly ready for the arrival of our novices and their home directors on Sunday, August 21. Federation Novice Directors Bernadette (Bernie) Dean and Anne Davis will welcome them.
This year’s novices are Monique Siswoyo who is coming from Orange and Preenika Dabrera from Brentwood. Once they are settled in, their pictures and stories will be posted on the federation web site.
Please hold our novices and directors in your prayers throughout this year. I know they will be strengthened by your love and support.

CSSJ Newsletter Blog

This newsletter will be posted to a blog at https://cssjnews.wordpress.com. You can link to that, or look up news or links from past newsletters.

Modern CSSJ Lacemakers

Lacemaking is part of our CSSJ history right from the early days when our sisters empowered the women of their day, giving them a way of earning their living. Education continues to be a way of loving the dear neighbor and giving them a real dignity so that they can support themselves and help build a better society. Today, lacemaking is still a part of our story. Manna house in Concordia offers lace making retreats. (More information…). One of our sisters produced a youtube video that offers instruction on tatting, and has had over 160,000 hits, … and counting. (View video…)

Founders Day Online Event

There is still time to sign up for the Founders Day Online Event on Sunday October 16, 2011, 1-5 pm Central US Time, celebrating 361 years since the foundation in Le Puy, France. We will host a conversation at Carondelet-StL that will also have an online component to enable participation from across the Sisters of St. Joseph world. Join us for prayer, reflection and conversation about Foundation, Re-Foundation and the Identity of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Sign up online: www.ahereford.org/cssj

Association of Colleges

The Association of Colleges of Sisters of Saint Joseph draws together seven colleges and universities founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph to articulate and further the contemporary expression of the educational mission and legacy of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The Association fosters collaboration among all the member institutions; provides resources for the faculty, staff and students at member colleges and universities and encourages mission integration on each campus. For information and CSSJ resources, see http://www.acssj.org/

Encountering Earth with Lin Neil

This project, Encountering Earth: Reclaiming the Human in the Web of Life, features three workshop presentations which will help participants to become more mindful of Earth issues and how these issues can be addressed in this time of ecological crises. Each of the three workshops weaves the information together in a PowerPoint presentation with art, music, literature, personal and group reflection to create presentations that will help the participants create a deeper awareness of the Earth, her systems and creatures. Contact Lin at: lneil@csjalbany.org

St Joseph Workers – New Orleans

The St. Joseph Worker Program is a volunteer program for women (ages 21- 30) offering an opportunity for those who desire to give a year ministering, sharing community and praying together in the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The program is grounded in the values of: leadership, justice, spirituality and community and sponsored by the Congregation of St. Joseph. See their blog: http://www.stjosephworker-neworleans.blogspot.com/

Awakening the Dreamer

The ATD symposium aims to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet. Join with others to create an online presentation of the ATD symposium for the CSSJ world. Contact Amy Hereford at amyhereford@gmail.com

Share your news … spread the word

This newsletter is a grassroots effort to increase communication across the US Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, as well as the international St. Joseph community. Thanks for those who have shared their news. We would invite you to forward this message to anyone in your community who may be interested. Sign up to receive this newsletter at www.ahereford.org/cssj and send your CSSJ news to amyhereford@gmail.com

CSSJ Email Newsletter – a grassroots effort to facilitate communication among the Sisters of St. Joseph worldwide.

2 thoughts on “CSSJ News September 2011

  1. Good information – I’m sending some announcements by email, and signing up for the online event. So happy to get this in addition to the facebook group.

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