CSSJ Newsletter Debut

Foundation, Re-Foundation and the Identity of the Sisters of St. Joseph

You are invited to participate in a Founders Day Online Event on Sunday October 16, 2011
The Consecrated Life Committee (CSJ-StL) is hosting this event as part of an ongoing conversation about consecrated life, and as a follow-up from our province day of reflection on Consecrated Life in July 2011.
We invite you to a Founders’ Day celebration on Sunday October 16, 2011 from 1-5 pm Central US Time, celebrating 361 years since the foundation in Le Puy, France. We will host a conversation at Carondelet-StL that will also have an online component to enable participation from across the Sisters of St. Joseph world. Join us for prayer, reflection and conversation about Foundation, Re-Foundation and the Identity of the Sisters of St. Joseph. (Times listed in Central Time)
12:30 Prayer / Sharing of the Heart (Opening Online – Sharing locally)
01:15 Presentation – Sr. Maria Rubina, csj and Sally Harper csj (Online)
01:45 Personal Reflection (locally)
02:30 Small Group Reflection (locally)
03:15 Individual or Group Exercise (explanation online, work locally)
04:15 Presentations of projects from exercise (Online – participants can email, or present online).
04:45 Closing Prayer (Online)
Sign up online: www.ahereford.org/cssj

Calling for writers

You are invited to share CSSJ information, professions, programs or projects across the federation. If you would like to get your information out to the federation, send an article, including a link to your site if it is helpful. Send to: cssj@ahereford.org We are especially inviting reflections on the 2011 federation event in St. Louis.

Online Symposium on Religious Life

Join us for an ongoing, online conversation on emergent Religious Life, Transformation of Religious Life and Refoundation. The interdisciplinary conversation will be national online and local face to face, intercongregational, in partnership with Giving Voice.
Four online forums will be held in 2012, each convened on a Sunday afternoon and lasting about 90 minutes. Presenters, respondents, and participants can participate from their computers, either individually, or in group settings. By doing an online forum, we are hoping for a participation of members who couldn’t travel for the event. Small groups can gather in living rooms, others can gather in larger group settings. These groups can then continue the conversation locally and share their insights in an online forum.
Call for Papers
We are calling for papers that will be the springboard for conversation, preference will be given to proposals from religious under the age of 60. See www.ahereford.org/symposium for more information, to submit a proposal or to register.

Spread the word

This newsletter is a grassroots effort to increase communication across the US Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, as well as the international St. Joseph community. I would invite you to forward this message to anyone in your community who may be interested. They can sign up to receive this newsletter at www.ahereford.org/cssj. Anyone interested in writing or editing for the newsletter is also welcome to contact me (see above: Calling for writers)

Amy Hereford
Carondelet – StL

CSSJ Email Newsletter – a grassroots effort to facilitate communication across the Sisters of St. Joseph Federation.


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